About the Author

About the Author

Canadian Author Lisa Tasca Oatway - The Dinosaur Encounter _ The Alberta Episode Book One in The Blue Crescent Moon Series_

Lisa Tasca Oatway

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From a young age, I loved to read for both entertainment and education. The idea to share my love of Canadian heritage with young audiences was first nurtured while raising my family, where I would encourage my children to make up stories on family trips travelling to beautiful destinations. I would then embellish the stories with my own details, and hence the idea of the Blue Crescent Moon series was hatched.

My aim is to publish a series of children’s novels, for ages eight to twelve, showcasing a major event in the history of each of our provinces and territories. That is the educational part. The entertainment is offered through the interactions of the Stonehart family: Mom, Dad and the kids Danny, Ronni, Jamie and Tori.

I hope you enjoy the stories just as much as I did creating them.